Migrate tutorials

From here you can explore tutorials that showcase the use of MIGRATE. Currently this is very sparse but will grow with time. Most new tutorials are are for Version 4 but I will add also some for Version 3. Eventually, we will have tutorials for all complications, but that will take a while. To download PSFs of the tutorials click on the buttons.

(1) Exercise with bird populations (treecreeper from Australia). Get the zip file with the instructions and the data file from here, you will need to download the version 3.x for this exercise.

(1) Two-population model selection model: Download the PDF and the datafiles and parmfiles from here: Instructions for Two-swisstown tutorial [PDF file], Two-swisstown tutorial [zip file]

(2) Four-population model selection to compare seven scenarios for Zika virus distribution around the world, using real, complete genome data of the Zika virus. This tutorial needs Version 4 of MIGRATE. Go here: Zika Tutorial

(3) Tutorial published in Current Protocols in Bioinformatics. This tutorial needs Version 4 of MIGRATE. Go here: Current Protocols Migrate Tutorial

Erratum for the Current Protocol tutorial: ERRATUM (currently 2 issues)

(3) Bioinformatics Boot camp August 2020 organized by Chris Blair and Erika Crispo: This tutorial needs Version 4 of MIGRATE and python script to cnvert VCF data to the migrate format. Go here: Bioinformatics Bootcamp Tutorial

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