Beerli Lab Software

We believe that software should be free and also opensource. The code may be messy, but you can look at it if you want or need to.

migrate website

MIGRATE -- software to infer population genetic parameters

MIGRATE uses genetic data (microsatellite data ,sequences) to infer populaiton genetic parameters, such a population size, immigration rates, populaiton divergence times. This is our flagship product! There is aslo a google-support group (


Coalescent Simulator

Coalescent simulator to generate large number of loci of multiple populations. The program uses a file with parameters to generage a tree that is then feed into another program to generate the data.


ET -- eventtree (Michal Palczewski)

ET is a tree drawing program to visualize migration events, bootstrap support, mutation events on trees using an extended NEWICK format (MIGRATE creates trees that can be read by this program)

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